Statistics for the Terrified: what the users say

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"Students who have made full use of the Statistics for the Terrified package have universally found this to be an extremely useful resource in getting up to speed prior to the course with some of the basic building blocks of statistical methods, and in revising some of the introductory content we cover on the unit. ... Keep up the good work!"

Eldin Fahmy
School for Policy Studies, University of Bristol

"Well, I aced my stats course and I have to give credit to your program. It gave me straight forward explanations about some terrifying questions and I could go back and review as many times as I needed. All in all, you have a great product."

Mark Edenfield

"I have found Statistics for the Terrified to be a valuable tool in helping students to grasp some core concepts in statistical testing such as the standard error, confidence intervals and hypothesis testing. I have found the interactive multi-media element of Statistics for the Terrified to be particularly powerful in this regard."

Professor Steve Strand
Institute of Education, Warwick University

"Being a senior academic teaching research to undergraduate and post graduate health care students, the inevitable ogre of statistics appears early in the students experience of my courses. There are few, if any, ways that I have discovered that have my students running for their statistics books with enthusiasm and glee. Needless to say the common fear of numbers and the often complex explanations offered to underpin basic statistical understanding tend to elicit an, at best, lukewarm response and at worst, total denial. However, I have been using Statistics for the Terrified now for the last few years and for those students that use it it has been a transformation. The interactive nature, plenty of visual examples and clear and straightforward explanations of the basic concepts behind probability, data distributions, measures of central tendency and spread and common statistical tests means, first that they don't have to listen to me droning on, second the independent nature of the experience increases both life long and deeper learning and lastly provides me with an initial direction in which to send them when they ask the more simple questions.

"So........they get to be less bored of me, they learn in a deeper and more individual way and I don't have to spend lots of time reiterating the basics to hundreds of students"

David Newell
Research Director, AECC

"Congratulations for this fantastic piece of software. Certainly your software does fulfill my needs, and it also proves useful when it comes to just refresh a specific topic. One could consider it as well as an "ongoing refresher course", very handy not only for beginners in statistics. Let me know if and when new versions are out. And BTW, it works perfectly under Windows 7 Ultimate. "

Jesus Vaquero, MD, MSc

"Concept Stew supported us from start to finish in implementing this for our students - from providing the software in the most appropriate format for our needs to offering a support line for our students, they have been with us all the way, and always with a cheery message to make us feel like valued customers. We're looking forward to working with them as the product develops."

Sharon Boyd
eProgramme Coordinator, Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies

"Stats for the Terrified has been very useful, and the tutorial was (and still is) excellent. It took me (a complete novice) through the tricky paths of statistics in a practical way, and, having guided me to what particular statistical analysis was most appropriate, then allowed me to 'play' with the data to see what effect it would have on the final outcome. Good luck with the new version!"


"Statistics for the Terrified has been excellent for getting undergraduate students 'engaged' with the idea that statistics are necessary and an important aspect of the data analysis, not just an added complication to the interpretation of their experimental investigations. The students become engaged by 'doing' something and participating in the process of thinking through the analysis.

"The new version looks great - well done! Thanks for a great product!"

Paul Tatner, Academic Director, Life, Sport & Earth Sciences
School of Engineering & Science, University of Paisley

"I think your software is first class and have been through all the tutorials several times. If you bring out an advanced version of the software I would like to know as I would definately buy it. Best wishes from an impressed user of your software."

Adrian Midgeley

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  Statistics for the Terrified

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Statistics for the Terrified is a tutorial which provides a thorough grounding in basic statistics for the non- mathematician, using straightforward english and commonsense explanations.
It assumes that you have no prior knowledge, and will guide you through
from first principles, demonstrating
what Statistics is, what it does, and
some common mistakes. It will enable
users to read and understand statistics quoted in published articles, and can be used as a refresher and a reference manual for professionals who use
Statistics in their work. The course is widely used in colleges and universities, and in commercial organisations.

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