Try out Statistics for the Terrified

There are two ways to look at Statistics for the Terrified to see if it is what you want
before spending any money. For each of these options we ask you to complete a short
form, giving us minimal information. This information will not be sold on or given
away to anyone, under any circumstances, and it will be kept in strictest confidence.

A demonstration

In the demo we introduce a selection of pages from the tutorial illustrating our approaches and techniques, so that you can see how we use animation, visualization, simulation, discussion pieces, data exploration, challenges and practical help. It should give you a good idea of whether Statistics for the Terrified is right for you.

Evaluation for your organisation

If you are looking for resources for teaching or professional development at your organisation, you can get a copy of the full tutorial for a limited period. This gives those considering a multi-user installation the opportunity to look at the entire tutorial on behalf of their institution, show it to lecturers and other interested parties, and so on. It is particularly important for this evaluation that you complete the form accurately, giving your professional email address, so that we can authorise and send out download information.

The download link for the multi-user version will be emailed to you after you complete
our request form. This demo expires after a limited period.

  Statistics for the Terrified:

  •   Download demo
  •   Buy a copy
  •   What is it?
  •   What does it cover?
  •   Who is it for?
  •   What our users say
  •   History of S4T
  •   User survey results

  Free resources:

  •   Statistics glossary
  •   What is risk?
  •   Conditional probability
  •   Median and mean
  •   Evening the odds
  •   The prosecutor's fallacy
  •   Clinical trials
  •   n - sample size

  Contact us:

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"Certainly your software does fulfill my needs, and it also proves useful when it comes to just refresh a specific topic. One could consider it as well as an "ongoing refresher course", very handy not only for beginners in statistics. And BTW, it works perfectly under Windows 7 Ultimate."

Jesus Vaquero, MD, MSc

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