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The multi-user edition is sold on an annual license, priced according to the number of users.

In order to evaluate the tutorial for potential networking or other multi-user installation, we can send you a free evaluation licence of the full tutorial for a limited period.

The information requested below is required in order to grant the licence. Please note that it will be held in strictest confidence and will not be sold to anybody for any purposes whatsoever.

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"Concept Stew supported us from start to finish in implementing this for our students - from providing the software in the most appropriate format for our needs to offering a support line for our students, they have been with us all the way, and always with a cheery message to make us feel like valued customers. We're looking forward to working with them as the product develops."

Sharon Boyd
eProgramme Coordinator
Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies

  Statistics for the Terrified:

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  Free resources:

  •   Statistics glossary
  •   What is risk?
  •   Conditional probability
  •   Median and mean
  •   Evening the odds
  •   The prosecutor's fallacy
  •   Clinical trials
  •   n - sample size

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