Frequently asked questions

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Where can I find the Getting Started guide?
How does 'Statistics for the Terrified' differ from SPSS?
Can you help me with my assignment?
I am confused about when my copy of 'Statistics for the Terrified' expires
Should I have received a license file?
I've just installed and it tells me that my license is invalid, or out-of-date
My PC has been burgled/crashed beyond repair and I have lost my copy: can I download it again?
Can I install my single-user edition on more than one PC?
Can I use the discussion pieces on your Free Resources page in teaching?
Can I run Statistics for the Terrified on a Mac?
Why don't you cover more advanced topics, like multiple regression, factor analysis, principle components, discriminant analysis, analysis of covariance, multivariate analysis of variance, sample size calculations, etc?
Why isn't there more mathematics in 'Statistics for the Terrified'?
Why don't you have audio in 'Statistics for the Terrified'?
Can you provide a printer-friendly version of each page?
The datagames are great, but can there be more directed challenges?
I do like the tutorial, but I wish there were more examples from my field

Known issues and solutions

Can't see navigation buttons at the bottom of the Statistics for the Terrified screen
This occurs on some laptops where the vertical space available only just fits the software. Your Windows Taskbar may therefore sit over the lower edge of the software, obscuring your view.
Solution 1: The taskbar
Solution 2: Screen resolution
Some text is running over other text and/or graphical displays
This sometimes happens if you have 'Large fonts' specified in your Windows Display Properties.
Normal curves are not displayed in graphs
This sometimes happens when the default language setting is to a language other than English.

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