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Statistics for the Terrified is a tutorial which provides a thorough grounding in basic statistics for the non-mathematician, using straightforward english and commonsense explanations. It assumes that you have no prior knowledge, and will guide you through from first principles, demonstrating what Statistics is, what it does, and some common mistakes. It will enable users to read and understand statistics quoted in published articles, and can be used as a refresher and a reference manual for professionals who use Statistics in their work. The course is widely used in colleges and universities, and in commercial organisations.

Specification Windows 95 up to Windows 7 - not recommended for NT.

If you are in the UK or any other country in the EU, please go to the
EU customers page.

Tutorial sections

  • Probability
  • Basic numerical data description
  • Graphical data description
  • Standard error & confidence
  • What does p<0.05 really mean?
  • How to choose a test
  • Testing for differences between
  • Analysing repeated measures
  • Analysing 2x2 classification tables
  • Fitting lines to data
  • Uncovering hidden influences

    "Well, I aced my stats course and I
    have to give credit to your program.
    It gave me straight forward
    explanations about some terrifying questions and I could go back and
    review as many times as I needed.
    All in all, you have a great product."

    Mark Edenfield

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