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"Being a senior academic teaching research to undergraduate and post graduate health care students, the inevitable ogre of statistics appears early in the students experience of my courses. There are few, if any, ways that I have discovered that have my students running for their statistics books with enthusiasm and glee. Needless to say the common fear of numbers and the often complex explanations offered to underpin basic statistical understanding tend to elicit an, at best, lukewarm response and at worst, total denial. However, I have been using Statistics for the Terrified now for the last few years and for those students that use it it has been a transformation. The interactive nature, plenty of visual examples and clear and straightforward explanations of the basic concepts behind probability, data distributions, measures of central tendency and spread and common statistical tests means, first that they don't have to listen to me droning on, second the independent nature of the experience increases both life long and deeper learning and lastly provides me with an initial direction in which to send them when they ask the more simple questions.

"So........they get to be less bored of me, they learn in a deeper and more individual way and I don't have to spend lots of time reiterating the basics to hundreds of students"

David Newell
Research Director, AECC

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