Statistics for the Terrified: Upgrade from v5.x to v6.01

To upgrade your Statistics for the Terrified v5.0 to the new v6.01, we will need to send you a link to the upgrade site. The cost is £5.00 for UK and EU customers, or US$5.00 for US and Worldwide customers. To help us determine if you are a legitimate license-holder, please provide as much information as possible to us in the form below:

Please note if you purchased Statistics for the Terrified v5.0 under our special offer (from August 2010), you are not eligible for the standard reduced price upgrade. However, there is an upgrade path available for you: if interested, please contact Upgrade.

Full name:

If your name has changed since your original purchase, please give the name you had then, so we can find you in our records.

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If you no longer have this, please provide as much other information as possible.


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