Who is Statistics for the Terrified for?

Statistics for the Terrified is a common-sense basic guide to statistics, written in plain english with a minimum of mathematics (very little!). It makes statistics open to common sense.

Undergraduate students

This tutorial is indispensable for students taking a basic statistics course as part of their main degree, especially non-mathematical students. By concentrating on the logical and taking it step-by-step (and translating the confusing statistical language), we make the underlying principles clear and show how they are used in different statistical tests and techniques. Once you understand why, it is much easier to remember how!

Teachers of undergraduates

It is a great help to teachers of undergraduates, as it helps to level the playing field between those with a mathematical background and those without when teaching basic statistics as an element of essential research methods. It also reduces the need for face-to-face time and remedial teaching in a very cost-effective way, thus helping institutions manage their budgets without lowering standards during these difficult times.

Professional development

It is an invaluable resource for those who need some familiarity with research methods, or use critical appraisal skills in their work: such as decision-makers and anyone who needs to make a good case.

Many of us have taken statistics at some time - even passed the exam! - but then become a bit hazy on the details as the years go by. Statistics for the Terrified is the ideal tool to find your way back into it again when you suddenly discover that you do need to use it in your professional life after all...

General interest

We all need to know what news reports are really saying when they report on developments in healthcare, the economy, the environment and so on. Statistics for the Terrified is a very helpful guide to critical thinking, stripping away the mystique of the statistical principles underlying the studies featured in media reports. For example, you will have a better appreciation of the importance of reported risks, you will understand why a study of 12 people is less informative than a study of 12,000, and so on.

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